A Guide to Puyallup Chiropractic Care

If you’re suffering from back pain, you might wonder if it’s time to visit a chiropractor. While most folks understand that it’s time to visit a chiropractor when they’re suffering from back pain, there really are many other clues to keep in mind as well. Here are 10 warning signs that you should watch out for when you’re thinking about seeing a chiropractor. You’ll learn about each of them in just a moment. Puyallup chiropractor offers excellent info on this.


Pain – One of the first signs that a person might be suffering from a stiff neck or sore back is that it hurts. A stiff neck is often accompanied by pain in and around the shoulders, arms, and even the hips and knees. In addition to the pain, sometimes you feel a tingling sensation as well. This is typically where chiropractic therapy can be most helpful. Chiropractors manipulate the soft tissues and joints in the spine so that these parts of the body can function properly again. This can help relieve any pain that you might be experiencing.

Diagnosis – Other symptoms can accompany chiropractic care, too. For example, some people experience numbness, tingling, or even paralysis in various parts of their bodies. A chiropractor can diagnose these conditions using his or her hands, while a regular doctor might look at them as muscle trouble or other types of problems. By working with your chiropractor, he or she will be able to correctly diagnose what is going on with your body.

Spinal Manipulation – Some chiropractors use spinal manipulations in their treatments. They work to reduce stress and pressure on the nerves and soft tissue in the spine. This can relieve pain and tension in your muscles and joints. If your chiropractor does perform spinal manipulations, it can be painful, but once he or she has done it, you should not feel any afterward.

Physical Examination – One of the most important parts of the chiropractic program is the physical examination. Your chiropractor will take measurements, order lab tests, and may x-rays as well. These tests can help your chiropractor determine which stretches and exercises are best for your particular situation. Many chiropractors offer x-ray machines, so this can further ease the process. He or she can also evaluate your progress with the exercises. Once your chiropractor has determined that your spinal adjustments are working, he or she may recommend additional treatments such as special oils, nutritional supplements, and more.

Chiropractic Treatment – Once your chiropractor determines that your spinal adjustments are helping you, he or she can begin treatment. Your chiropractor may suggest a series of stretches and exercises to start, then he or she can teach you specific stretches and exercises to continue after the initial treatment has finished. Your chiropractor may place strain on your muscles to help get rid of the pain, then give you an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the swelling and help you heal quicker. The chiropractor may also recommend physical therapy to help improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles. If your pain is severe, your chiropractor may use other types of treatment, including hot packs and cold compresses to decrease inflammation and provide you with the extra support you need to heal properly.

Chiropractic Treatment and Lifestyle Advice – After your spinal manipulation has helped you with your pain and stiffness, your chiropractor will provide you with some lifestyle advice. If you have been inactive because of your injury, your chiropractor will let you know that you must stay active to prevent additional injuries. If you have been inactive due to your injury, your chiropractor will let you know that you must keep your joints moving in order to prevent the onset of arthritis. As your joint mobility improves, your range of motion will slowly improve as well, and this will reduce pain and stiffness further. Chiropractors recommend that their patients get at least thirty minutes of daily exercise as a part of their recovery process, which includes regular chiropractic adjustments.

In addition to chiropractic care and lifestyle advice, you can benefit from the services of a chiropractor through the purchase of a quality chiropractic product. A wide range of chiropractic products are available from your local drug store to large chain retailers, and they can provide you with everything you need for great customer service and the best overall value. In fact, there is a national center to help consumers find a quality chiropractor near them, called the National Certification Board for Chiropractic. All nationwide chiropractic certification programs must adhere to a quality standards standard, so you can rest assured that your practitioner will be well trained and able to provide you with the best care. Whether you need spinal manipulation, manual adjustment, electrical stimulation, or a combination of these treatments, your chiropractor should be able to provide these services. With the proper care and knowledge, you can regain control over your health and well-being, which can give you back your sense of freedom and ability to function throughout your daily life.

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Cary chiropractor-Some insights

If you are searching for a chiropractic center that offers exceptional services, excellent facilities, and affordable prices, you should select a chiropractic center in Cary. There are many chiropractors in Cary, NC who are able to provide the best services and are experienced in their field. If you want to schedule an appointment with a qualified chiropractor, there are a few things that you need to know. Cary chiropractor offers excellent info on this.

When you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Cary, NC, he or she will ask about your current medical history. They will also perform a complete exam, including blood work, x-rays, and laboratory tests. You will be asked about your complaints and how long you have suffered any symptoms. By answering these questions honestly, you will provide the chiropractor enough information to correctly diagnose your problem. Once your problem has been properly diagnosed, your chiropractor will provide you with specific spinal adjustments and other pain relief methods that will help you to eliminate your pain.

If you visit a chiropractor in Cary, NC, you can expect him or her to treat all types of conditions and illnesses. You might need to stay a while for adjustments if your condition is too complex for just regular back pain relief. Your doctor will recommend that you stay a while because spinal adjustments can permanently correct chronic muscle pain and other problems.

The chiropractor in Cary, NC is Dr. Brianna Whitfield. She has been practicing chiropractic adjustments for the last twelve years, but did not start out as a doctor. She is certified in both pregnancy and infant chiropractic care. During your initial consultation, she will discuss your health history, which is important for prenatal chiropractic care.

Your pregnant condition will be thoroughly evaluated before your first set of chiropractic treatments. If you have any pre-existing conditions or illnesses, it will also be brought up during the initial consultation. A history of your family medical history is also very important. If you are having any significant issues or concerns, you should feel comfortable disclosing them at this time. You will be asked some questions about your lifestyle including your diet and exercise habits. By keeping a regular and healthy life style, you will begin to gradually overcome your back pain and other health problems.

During your first visit, you will be given an x-ray and asked to describe your back pain and how the pain started. Dr. Whitfield will likely give you some suggestions for stretches and other exercises, including ultrasound, for back pain relief. Some people like the idea of acupuncture, but some people are turned off by the idea of needles inserted into their skin. If your chiropractor gives you a choice between acupuncture and massage, most recommend that you use acupuncture for back pain relief.

The purpose of dry needling in a chiropractic care session is to release tension in your soft tissue. The process is often called “dry needling” and it works better when performed on patients that already have major aches and tension in their back, neck, arms, shoulders and legs. A good chiropractor in Cary will be familiar with many types of touch therapy to help relieve chronic pain and stiffness. He or she will most likely perform both soft tissue and dry needling.

The third visit to the chiropractic clinic will be the follow-up session. This is the time when you can ask questions or ask for more detailed information. Often times, the treatment plan will be discussed at this time. If the patient has not had any additional wellness appointments since the initial visit, it may be a good time to schedule one. Many chiropractors in Cary offer a one-time or even multiple-time payment plan for patients who are looking to keep their body in top physical condition. With so many reasons to visit a chiropractic clinic in Cary, there is no reason that anyone should be without this type of health care.

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