Pool Inspectors Are Not Pool Remodeling Experts

Pool Inspectors are a dime a dozen – you just have to know where to look and who to ask. While a professional pool inspection generally isn’t required by law (there are some that are, so check), there are still several pool inspectors out there that will evaluate your pool to ensure everything is working correctly. This is an additional expense but certainly something you want. After all, swimming is fun and refreshing, but you don’t want it costing you money! Do you want to learn more? Visit Have a look at Pool Inspectors for more info on this.

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If you think you’ve found an inspector, the first step is to set up an interview. You will probably want to find someone with a lot of experience so you can get a sense of what their knowledge is and how thorough they are. Do they use UV lights when inspecting pools? Are they looking for leaks? It’s important to know if the last step is to shut the pool area down for repairs or to notify you that the pool is no longer safe to swim in.

Once you’ve narrowed down the pool inspection candidates, you should schedule an appointment. The inspectors in my area work exclusively through a pool contractor company. That means all their inspections are done through them and they have all the necessary paperwork and insurance in place for every step of the process – from the initial pool inspection to making sure the decking is securely in place, up to routine maintenance like removing leaves and debris from the pool area and making sure the pH levels are correct. Even the chemical balance can be checked during a pool inspection.

Pool inspectors are there for a reason – to make sure your swimming pool is in proper working order. In the event of a problem, the inspectors will alert you and the local safety department before any damage occurs. They’ll also make sure the chemicals are added in the proper amounts and mixed accordingly, along with testing the pH level and making sure the filter has been replaced if needed. These inspectors don’t just come out once; their work takes multiple visits. If you get an inspection done by two or three different inspectors, you’re usually guaranteed better service and more accurate information than if you had just one inspector come out.

Although many home buyers assume that the inspectors just come out to make money, this isn’t always the case. You want to be able to trust your pool contractor and the inspectors that your company uses. The inspectors may not earn a huge salary, but they do have security of employment and are often happy to take on jobs where they get good reviews and referrals, since they obviously earn a living as well. They want to provide you with honest, detailed information about your swimming facility, because if you have problems after the fact, you’ll need them when you file a building permit and finalize the deal.

Pool inspectors check motors, heaters, pumps, filters, lighting, chemicals and pH levels, testing for safety and leaks. Inspectors check for proper chemical balance and cleanliness, testing for adequate lighting, ventilation, zoning, and fencing. If your pool is new or expensive, inspectors check for warranties on materials, and if there is a warranty. The inspectors check drains and filters, and the quality of the pipes and drains; they look for rust, corrosion, cracks, openings, cracks in the tile around the pool, asbestos, and loose grout.

Pool inspectors will go over all of the equipment, explaining each item and explaining how it works. Pool inspectors will also explain the chemicals in your pool and what to do in the event of an emergency. In addition, the inspectors will discuss the insurance policy and explain what to do if there is an injury or death occurring within the home. Finally, the inspection will wrap up with the pool inspector telling you what you can expect in the way of repairs and what the final price of the project will be. Most homeowners appreciate being shown honestly what needs to be fixed and what the final cost will be.

Pool inspections are becoming more popular because of the growing pool industry. There are many swimming pool inspectors available and finding one that suits your needs and budget is essential. Some pool inspectors work independently while others are contractors. Finding an honest, qualified professional is important when choosing a pool inspection service. To find a pool inspection service in your area, take some time to research and ask questions at local businesses.